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2 min readFeb 1, 2023

The much-awaited Snapshot for $CNTO Airdrop was completed before the end of last Friday, 27th January 2023.

Please understand that we cannot make everyone happy.

It was very difficult to arrive at a possible MAX cap for the Airdrop and the Minimum Airdrop that can be received. Some blockchains have a higher total Market Cap in terms of USD, and some have a lower Market Cap. Some blockchains have a higher number of unique addresses who has staked the respective native tokens with validators, and some blockchains have a lower number of unique addresses.

After removing Foundation wallets, CEX wallets wherever possible and after doing calculations, we have created the following plan for CNTO Airdrop, which we feel will benefit the community.


We have arrived at the follwoing MAX cap for each of the blockchain in terms of USD value of the native token staked. We have selected the USD value of each of the native token from at close time on 27th January 2023 as stated in the Historical data.

Minimum CNTO recevied as Airdrop

After calculations, we found that a lot of wallets will receive very little amount to CNTO as Airdrop, like 0.0001 CNTO, which does not make sense.

Hence, we have capped the minimum CNTO received as Airdrop as 0.1 CNTO. Now, here are the final Maximum and Minimum CNTO received as Airdrop for each of the blockchains.

Google Excel file with Airdrop details

We are sharing the Google Excel file with all the addresses for each of the blockchains who have qualified for the airdrop and how much CNTO they will receive as Airdrop. Check it out.

When Airdrop?

We will start the Airdrop as soon as possible. Barring any technical difficulties, we intend to complete it by the end of this Friday, 3rd Feb 2023.

Whats Next?

We will create Liquidity pools at both and Osmosis and set up incentives in the form of CNTO tokens for these pools. Also, we will create Staking for CNTO at with Staking rewards in the form of CNTO tokens. This will be the Official launch of

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